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bangla Word 1.9 download (free version)



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Bangla Word is a software. Which is made for typing in Bengali. It is a Windows based software that is primarily designed for computers, PC and MacBooks.

This is a very important software for those who design graphics on a computer. I think this software will also play an important role, for those who work on printing invitation cards.

Its a premium software you have to spend money if you want to take the original. We Are giving it to people who don’t have the money to buy it.

bangla word free download


You are going to get it for free from our website which you can use without any problem.

We will give you the RAR file of the original software, which you can download, and install on any computer and enjoy all kinds of futures without any problem.

It is very easy to use. If you don’t think you can use it, we will teach you how to use it through video in addition to pictures. Which sets our website apart from other websites.

What Is Bangla Word ?

Bengali is a language and words meaning letters. That is a software for writing in Bengali language.

It is operated by an Indian company. It is mainly used by the people of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

It played a very important role in taking the Bengalis forward in the beginning. Which is now almost extinct.

bangla word free download for windows 7 32 bit

bangla word 1.9 download (free version)

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This is not a keyboard. The way we use Bangla keyboard from mobile phone. For example, typing in Bengali. Or typed in English becomes Bengali. This is not a keyboard of that kind.

It’s just a software. Which gives the opportunity to type in Bengali in that software.

How it works bangla word software?

Here you will write according to your needs. You will arrange those writings through different tools.

Select the entire text, copy it by pressing Ctrl + C on the keyboard. You can meet your needs by Paste the text by pressing Control + V wherever you need.

Bengali Word Software V 1.9.0 Details

Name → BanglaWord.EXE
Version → 1.9.0
Size → 6.76 MB
Official Website Link →
Premium Future → All Feature Available
Last Updated → Today
Price → Free
Genre → Software

The benefits of Bangla Word

I am happy to say that it does not show any ADS. The reason for being happy is that there are many apps that use Google Adsense among their apps to earn more. Many people like me are annoyed to run those apps so I said that.

It would be wrong to say it is completely free. If you think it will help builders then you can buy the official software given by the original copy developer. And if you don’t want to do that, you can download it for free now. You do not have to pay for this, completely free.

how to install bangla word in windows 7

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download bangla word software

After going through these 7 steps and clicking on Last Finish, the installation will be complete. Once installed, back to your computer’s home page, you will see the latest 

software called Bangla Word.
For your convenience, we have seen the logo of Bangla Word in the picture below.

Bangla word alternatives

Here we have listed 5 softwares like Bangla Word software according to the list. These work exactly the same way.

  1. bijoy bangla typing

  2. stm bangla typing

  3. avro bangla keyboard

  4. LipiKaar bangla Software

  5. Easy Learn Bangla

Although their interfaces are different from each other, they are all software easy to use.

Bangla Ward is far ahead in terms of popularity. The best are at the top, and the worst are at the bottom.

However, this does not mean that any software is less effective. All are almost equal in terms of work.

You can use it according to your choice. There are some software that can be used to type in languages ​​other than Bengali.

online bangla typing

In the past, most work was done offline. But now both offline and online are being used in the same amount.

Maybe after a few more years the object called offline will be lost. Because through online we can meet our needs in less time.

Although not much work is done in Bengali now, but still Bengali language is very common.

We use several softwares to type Bangla online.

Similarly, there are some websites for typing online. “India Typing” is one of the most popular web sites.

Here you can type in Bengali online as well as copy those texts to meet your needs.

qustion & answar

Qustion → What is Bangla software?
Answer → Bangla software is a way to type in Bengali language.

Qustion Where can it be downloaded from?
Answer After clicking the download button on our website, you can download in a few more steps.

Qustion How much do I have to pay to buy this software?
Answer → No, you don’t have to pay us to buy this software.

Qustion I am new to Bengali so which software would be better for me to use?
Answer → Since you are learning to type in Bengali for the first time, I think it would be better for you to use Bangla Word software.

Qustion Can I use it?
Answer → Yes of course you can use it.